Meredith (xfirefly9x) wrote in 30_forbidden,

Fic: Forever Is A Long Time (Mal/Inara)

Title: Forever Is A Long Time
Fandom: Firefly
Characters: Mal/Inara
Prompt: #007 Forever
Word Count: 308
Rating: G
Summary: “Forever is a long time,” she says.
Notes: Written for 30_forbidden. 7/08/09. Beta'd by lvs2read.

“Forever is a long time,” she says. Her arms are wrapped in silk of deep red. Strands of hair fall from a clasp to sit around her shoulders while her eyes look him up and down in scrutiny.

“It may just be that,” he agrees without hesitating.

Her throat clamps up. Swallowing to clear it, she tries a smile. It turns out as more of a worried frown. “And you’re okay with that?”

“Can’t say it won’t be hard, but I’m sure I’ll manage.”

They share a look that’s as deadly serious as it is filled with nervousness.

“You really are skilled at making trouble at every turn.” A small smile tugs at her lips.

Bowing, he returns the grin. It’s one of his cocky grins where his left dimple is particularly accentuated. The beat of her heart is also affected, pounding a little faster.

“That wasn’t a compliment.”

“You’re smiling though,” he points out. “Can’t be that bad if you haven’t moved on to the hurtling of words of hurt.”

“I could say the same to you.”

He lets out a short laugh.

“In any case,” she says. “Can you imagine the trouble there will be if I do take up your offer? All the fighting and-”

“Having someone there? I’m well aware of the danger. Only I, unlike you, am looking to the positive side. It’s worth it. More ‘n worth it.” He wets his lips with his tongue. “Stay? Please?”

She casts her gaze downwards. Her lower lip trembles as she contemplates her next move. Can she really make the sacrifice he’s asking of her? Will he be able to make the sacrifice he’s offering her in return? Or is their fear – is her fear – too strong?

“Yes,” she says.


“Yes,” she repeats. “Now let’s leave it at that before I change my mind.”
Tags: #07, firefly, mal/inara, xfirefly9x
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