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30 Forbidden Fruits

// A 30 Fanworks Theme Challenge //

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Welcome to 30_forbidden! This is a friendly, very low-pressure community for writers and artists who want to explore and develop their skills. ^^ Inspired by other themed communities such as 30_kisses, 30_romances, 30_angsts, etc. People of all fandoms are invited to participate. You don’t have to write a couple; it can be a character, friendship, rivals, a group, general series, etc!

Homophobia/heterophobia will not be tolerated here.

Feel free to join just to enjoy the fanworks, but don't be intimidated. Writers and artists of all levels are welcome to participate. This was started for people to learn and grow in the first place. ^_^

The 30 Themes
01. Bitter
02. Sweet
03. Love
04. Hate
05. Black
06. White
07. Forever
08. Never
09. Past
10. Memory
11. Forget
12. Remember
13. Hidden
14. Dark
15. Unknown
16. Amuse
17. Fear
18. Escape
19. Watch
20. Afar
21. Wait
22. Happy
23. Numb
24. Lonely
25. Forbidden
26. Taste
27. Touch
28. Want
29. Need
30. Close

If you are finding any above themes difficult or uninspiring, you can switch out with any of the bonus themes below.

1. Money
2. Attack
3. Momentum
4. Bloom
5. Wicked smile

Or you can switch some out for your own choices.

Writer’s Choice
1. Your Choice
2. Your Choice
3. Your Choice

If you'd like to, you can keep track of all your entries with this table. Simply copy the code below:

Have a Question?

How It Works:
-You no longer have to comment and wait for a response to request a claim. You are free to claim anything and begin posting whenever you wish.

-You (and up to two other collaborators) may choose up to two couples/characters/groups at a time. Threesomes are welcome. The 30 works can be entirely made up of just writing pieces, just art pieces, or a mix of both!

-Themes do not have to be written in any particular order. Feel free to interpret each theme however you wish.

-Original stories, original characters, crossovers between two fandoms, Real Person fiction (please include a disclaimer!), AU stories and songfics are all acceptable to be claimed. Just no Mary Sue's/Gary Stu's, please!

-Only fic/art may be posted to this community. Please don't post advertisements.

-The style of your challenge entries is completely up to you. For authors, it can be as short as 100 words, or as long as a multi-chaptered novel. If you're doing multi-chaptered, it's up to you whether to post each chapter separately or wait until the whole thing is finished. For artists, it can be a full watercolor, a manip, or simply five-minute sketch you did before class. All that's important is capturing the feeling of the theme.

-Feedback is highly encouraged. It can really make a difference. :)

Posting Format:
When you post, please use the following format:

Title of Piece (Fandom - Claim, Theme #)
For example, a claim of Ron and Hermione from Harry Potter posting with a fic for theme #5 would be: On The Edge (Harry Potter - Ron/Hermione, #5)

Theme: (include the # and the theme)
Disclaimer: (Disclaimer for fandoms, claimer for original works. If your fic is about real people, state that this is purely fictional and no actual relationship or event is implied)

Note: Anything longer than a paragraph and all artwork must be put behind an LJ-cut/fake cut. All ratings are welcome, but anything of an R or higher rating must be clearly marked as such.

Completed Claims! Congratulations:
desire_of_nymph completed 30 Kairi/Namine fanfics!